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It's about time....

I sent my manuscript to a publisher three weeks ago and took a little break from writing. I watched the one and only season of Firefly again, read a couple of great books, and babied my vegetable garden and flowers through several hard freezes. We're talking hot water bottles and blankets, baby.

But it's time to get back to it. My newsletter will go out in the next couple of days. Finally. I'd planned to send it late July or early August, but had to get the manuscript updated and out the door. The newsletter will have book recommendations, tidbits on my story research, teas I've been drinking, and a word search puzzle. I'm looking into creating a website on another platform, as this one has a few unfortunate limitations...such as no option for me to comment on your comments! In the meantime, please do comment, and know that I appreciate hearing from you.

It's also time to start sending my proposal to agents. Wish me luck!

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